Celebration Of Entrepreneurship Conference Dubai

Date: 2010/11 Type: Commissioned work Client: Wambda Agency: Avantgarde Film Location: Dubai, UAE Company: m box Bewegtbild GmbH #motion #360‑degrees #3d‑animation #eventvisuals #motion‑design

m box Bewegtbild GmbH created various graphic modules for the 3-day COE (Celebration Of Entrepreneurship) Conference in Dubai 2010. The 360° projection was used to show off the immersive event opener, informative content as well as ambient visualizations. Real-time content was combined with prerendered imagery on-site.

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Client Wambda
Lead Agency Avantgarde Film Dubai
Location Dubai
Role of m box Design, animation, postproduction
Technical Setups, 3D-animation Claus Helfenschneider
Format 30000×1080 px

All image and video footage by courtesy of m box Bewegtbild GmbH and Avantgarde Brand Services Arabia FZ LLC.

My role

Besides providing 3D content for several modules (the lines and dots flowing around), I was mainly working on the technical setup and animation of the 3-minute opener. The project was very fast-paced, so my tasks included working out a technical solution for rendering 360°-imagery in order to provide a true 360°-feel by saving costly render time. The main technical challenge was to create the 3-minute opener; it featured lip-sync videos in a quite complex and dynamically animated 3D-structure. The videos and audio track were due to changes until the very end, so everything had to be kept dynamic and changeable until the final rendering.


This project was commissioned to m box Bewegtbild GmbH. For more information on m box and the project, please navigate to the website of m box.