Interactive Applications & Digital Experiences

Working interdisciplinary, with competences ranging from conceptual and visual design to 3D‑authoring and cutting edge technology in interactive realtime‑applications, we build solid products and experiences to boost your ideas.


Interactive Apps

We are experts in applications of various types: interactive, reactive, 2D, 3D, data-processing, installations & experiences. Touch, sensors, cameras, RFID and more—we integrate the technology that fits best.


View your architecture, technology, design, data, or any other complex content in a custom-built visualization. Preview your interactive installation in virtual space before it is built.

AR / MR / VR

Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality—the right solution for your needs.

Digital Presentation & Experiences

Trade fair, Point Of Sale, Showroom, Offline or Online—we help you to show off wherever you need to shine.

3D Data & Applications

With a strong background in computer graphics, mathematics, and 3D authoring tools, we know how to deal with, create and process 3D data. Creating 3D-animations or graphics is a core skill. If needed, we enhance existing 3D authoring products with custom-built tools.

Big Data, Complex Data, Communication, Hardware

We do it all! With a successful track record of building customized software that processes all kinds of data—we know how to deal with file formats, databases, protocols and whatever crosses our path.

The complete product

We help you develop ideas and create products from initial concepts to UI and UX design, software development, all the way to actual implementation and integration. We also offer consulting, service and continuative support.


Quality, cost, speed

By cutting out middlemen and providing as much as we can one-stop, using the latest tools, agile methods and cutting edge technology, we offer maximum output for great prices.


Our software can run on any prevalent platform—desktop, mobile, the web, game consoles, cloud servers, social media platforms, and more.

Responsive, fast & smooth

Designs that adjust to any display: Portrait or landscape, big or small. Our software is written to run fast and smooth, under all circumstances. User Experience design is a core virtue.

Direct communication

Expert or specialist – you always talk directly to the person who knows about your concerns.

Cutting edge

We use the latest state-of-the-art tools and technologies to bring you a step ahead. With almost a decade of experience in Technical Direction, we are problem solvers and find the right strategies.


Cutting costs and time is important when moving fast. To achieve this, concepts, changes and updates can be visualized and integrated quickly. Creating and building upon reusable code and applications is essential to achieve maximum efficiency.

Scope of Applications

In your shop or at your Point Of Sale (POS), interactive applications can help show off your products and services. Product configurators allow customers to preview and individualize products, information screens help clients to orientate themselves or get an overview of your offering. Realtime interactive applications can be informative or create a realaxed and fitting atmosphere. In any scenario, an interactive exhibit helps your business to leave a mark.
You want to present your company and products at a trade fair or at an event, and make a striking impact? Interactive applications are state-of-the-art in professional presentations for a good reason: They invite people to immerse into the world of your brand, to interact, understand, and appreciate what you offer. We are the right partners for taking your trade show appearance to the next level.
Let your company, brand or product shine and make an enduring visual impact with a custom-built realtime application at your premises. Provide information, let visitors immerse into your world in a playful way, and create an impressive atmosphere that will definitely be remembered.
Be it temporary or permanent, informative or for the sake of art: Exhibitions should be exciting and entertaining. Create a playgound and integrate visitors into your presentation by giving them the possibility to interact with your message.
Applications can be online or offline, interconnected, managed externally or preconfigured. We create custom-built experiences that fit your needs. As with all case scenarios, the content of your application can be integrated into the application, or dynamically fetched from an external source on demand and real-time. Content can be added, removed and maintained via content management systems (CMS). Applications can connect and communicate with external services or hardware like sensors and actors.
By using cutting-edge technology, we can build your app for any prevalent platform: Windows, OSX, Linux, websites, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, XBox One, XBox 360, PS4, PS3, PSP Vita, Playstation Mobile, WiiU and Wii.
You use a piece of software that needs a serious boost? Chances are we can extend the power of an existing application by creating extensions, scripts or plugins for it. With a heap of experience in creating pipeline-tools and extending software packages like any Adobe Creative Suite program, any 3D-authoring software or compositing-tools, it is one of our core competences to power up your tools.


Claus Helfenschneider
Claus Helfenschneider has a long track record of building successful interactive applications and products for big international brands. With a Master of Science in Engineering in Digital Media and over a decade of experience in the field, he turned from specialist to expert and is a problem solver and product developer at heart. Being a part-time lector at Universities, he also has great communication skills and an empirical and progressive mindset.