SANYO 360° Projection at ISE

Date: 2011/11 Client: SANYO Sales & Marketing Europe Company: m box Bewegtbild GmbH Type: Commissioned work Location: ISE 2011 Amsterdam #motion #360‑degrees #3d‑animation #motion‑design #tradefair

At the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), No. 1 european tradeshow for professional AV and electronic systems integration, SANYO presented its impressively wide high-end projector lineup. A five-minute 360° video loop provided an immersive and colourful experience inside of SANYO’s eye-catching pavillion. Eight projectors with QuaDrive technology staged a seamless, vibrant and highly detailed projection. By transforming pictures of case studies into colorful abstract shapes and smoothly morphing into picturesque panoramic views, the video presents SANYO’s wide product lineup, impressive brightness, high dynamic range, exceptional color fastness and delicate image rendition of both stylized and photographic imagery.

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Client SANYO Salex & Marketing Europ
Location ISE 2011, Amsterdam
Direction & Production m box Bewegtbild GmbH
Art Direction, 3D-animation Claus Helfenschneider
Format 14370 × 1080 px
Technical Details 42m × 3m 360° projection screen, 12m Ø, 8 projectors (SANYO PLC-HF 15000 L)

All image and video footage by courtesy of m box Bewegtbild GmbH and SANYO Sales & Marketing Europe GmbH.

My role

I did the design (initial styleframes as well as design supervision during production), 3D setup, 3D animation and some of the compositing. Besides the vast resolution, 360° projection and high quality demands, the main challenge was to niftly blend impressive imagery with a wide variety of claims and information (case studies, projector lineup, tag lines) into a balanced and immersive product.


This project was commissioned to m box Bewegtbild GmbH. For more information on m box and the project, please navigate to the website of m box.