Date: 2012/01 Client: SOLON SE Company: m box Bewegtbild GmbH Type: Commissioned work #motion #3d‑animation #technical‑direction

A cinematic and interactive visualisation of the entire product range for SOLON, the innovative manufacturer of solar modules. A specially designed and bespoke SOLON World shows the many possibilities that are afforded by photovoltaic plants and gives a complete overview of the entire product range.

The particular challenge was the client’s wish for us to show the complex animations in variety of different presentation settings. m box is responsible for the concept, design, and production of these films, as well as for the interactive presentation for the Internet and for trade shows, and also for the custom iPad application created for the client. Additionally, an interactive presentation application was developed for field of power stations.

m box Bewegtbild GmbH
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Company m box Bewegtbild GmbH
Role of m box Concept, design, production, post production
Technical Direction Claus Helfenschneider
Format Full HD

All image and video footage by courtesy of m box Bewegtbild GmbH and SOLON SE.

My Role

Besides doing a substantial amount of 3D-Animation on the cinematic films themselves, I was responsible for the technical direction of the project, making it possible to author and render this huge world full of high resolution 3D-assets. I specifically developed a custom-built asset management system for the 3D-authoring software Autodesk Maya that allowed m box Bewegtbild GmbH to split up the scene into small assets, which were referenced into final render scenes. It was used to manage and author shaders, lighting setups, 3D scenes and eventually bring them all together into a final render scene.


This project was commissioned to m box Bewegtbild GmbH. For more information on m box and the project, please navigate to the website of m box.