Date: 2011/07 Type: noncommercial Client: #motion #3d‑animation #motion‑design #short‑film

The Monkeycrew is back on track with 5 new sweet little animations. This time around we decided to let some of our little Monkeys go wild on their own. We armed them with their most favourite toys to see what they end up with. In the future we will release more of these whenever we see fit.

In 2011, the monkeymen crew did some noncommercial clips, including Monkeyshot#4 (working title: »Monkeyboxes«).

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Idea / Concept, Camera Veith Michel
Art Direction
3D-Animation, Compositing Claus Helfenschneider

All image and video footage by courtesy of m box Bewegtbild GmbH and

My role

I worked out the details (animation layout, look) of the rough concept given by Veith Michel. Besides that, I did all of the 3D modelling and animation, shading, and rendering, as well as compositing.


This project was commissioned to m box Bewegtbild GmbH. For more information on m box and the project, please navigate to the website of m box.